What are your Musts?

When I was in school, there was a thin line between a want and a need. For some of you there is a much thicker line. Do you WANT to study, or do you NEED to study? We put demands on ourselves to have the outcome we want. Why is health and wellness so hard?? Say it with me, YOU DON’T WANT TO!!!! Let’s be honest. You’re in relatively good condition, so there is really not a need to engage in consistent exercise for your health. At some point, you have to want it and then your body begins to need it.

We SHOULD want to take care of our bodies, or we MUST take care of our bodies. It’s our engine. It keeps us going.
Your body runs on food and water. We eat and drink when we need and want food and water. You see where I’m going folks?? Create a NEED for a MUST in your life. We thrive off of our own triumphs and successes. Create successes in your life and allow those successes to propel you to your MUSTS.

Ladies, Are You “Thick”, Overweight or OverFat??

Thick-A woman with a perfect body, filled-in in places that are, by nature, designed to attract the opposite sex, such as the thighs, the hips, the breasts, and the most lovely part of all, the buttocks.

Overweight-To characterize a person “Overweight” there is a simple criteria or measuring scale which is called “Body Mass Index”. Body Mass Index is the weight and height ratio. If Body Mass Index is 25, the person is called overweight.

Overfat- is very specific term which is not necessarily used for overweight persons. The persons who have more than normal percentage of fats in their bodies are called overfat persons. There is a standard for percentage of normal fats in the people and above this standard, all persons can fall in the category of overfat. The standard for fat is 12-18% for men and 18-22% for women which is the border line between normal and overfat persons.

Here lies the controversy. Are we really talking about health? When we REALLY focus on health, being overfat is VERY dangerous. There is a misconception that being overweight has everything to do with being fat. IT DOES NOT!

Body weight includes the weight of the lean tissues–muscle, internal organs, bone, and the water they contain — in addition to body fat. Muscle is heavy. Therefore, it’s possible that a muscular person might be overweight without being overfat. Despite this important distinction, the vast majority of people who are overweight are indeed overfat.

The word THICK has been used for both of definitions. We have to stop replacing thick with overfat and poor health. The ultimate goal should be waist control, good blood pressure, good cholesterol and body training on most days. If you’re doing that and you’re still THICK?? BY ALL MEANS CLAIM IT!!! Thick and Fit!!!!
✌?️✌? I’m out..

Resolve to do what exactly?

Start the 2016 off right!!! My “New Year’s” resolutions!!! Blah, blah, blah… Why?

The one theme that resounds over and over in my head as an adult is the fact that we, yes we, are HUGE procrastinators! We wait til’ the last minute for everything.  However, we do have good intentions. What’s baffling to me is when we wait til the New Year to make changes.

Heraclitus wrote, “The only thing that is constant is change”. We change our hair, everyday looks, watches, wallets, cars……etc. However, we forget that we have the ability to change our outlook on a situation in a second, change our negative thoughts in a minute,  and start exercising immediately!

Start now!!!! Whatever your resolution is for January 1, 2016, start it today!! It’s a gradual process. However, it’s a rewarding process. Becoming the best version of yourself daily, is rewarding.

Health Mate

Many years ago, I had a roommate in college. We were very different to say the least. We came from different parts of Georgia. We didn’t like the same music. We had different study habits, It was a disaster!!!!

I transferred universities and I started to thrive. I attributed this new outlook to the new environment, people, and a new course of study. I changed my major from physical education to exercise science. I met like-minded individuals that had goals like mine, aspirations like mine and wanted a future in the field of health and wellness. It was life changing! It was a big breath of fresh air! I felt liberated and at ease. It wasn’t hard studying anymore. I had my study group and I looked forward to learning, growing, and being apart of something bigger. I finally had health mates!

My health mates held me accountable for all things health and wellness. We challenged one another to become more healthy. We studied together, we ate together, we worked our bodies together. My world was good.

Who’s your health mate? You may have a soulmate, roommate, or teammate. Do you have that person or group of people that help you live your best life on ALL levels? Physical health is just as important as mental, financial and spiritual health.


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