Health Mate

Many years ago, I had a roommate in college. We were very different to say the least. We came from different parts of Georgia. We didn’t like the same music. We had different study habits, It was a disaster!!!!

I transferred universities and I started to thrive. I attributed this new outlook to the new environment, people, and a new course of study. I changed my major from physical education to exercise science. I met like-minded individuals that had goals like mine, aspirations like mine and wanted a future in the field of health and wellness. It was life changing! It was a big breath of fresh air! I felt liberated and at ease. It wasn’t hard studying anymore. I had my study group and I looked forward to learning, growing, and being apart of something bigger. I finally had health mates!

My health mates held me accountable for all things health and wellness. We challenged one another to become more healthy. We studied together, we ate together, we worked our bodies together. My world was good.

Who’s your health mate? You may have a soulmate, roommate, or teammate. Do you have that person or group of people that help you live your best life on ALL levels? Physical health is just as important as mental, financial and spiritual health.


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