What are your Musts?

When I was in school, there was a thin line between a want and a need. For some of you there is a much thicker line. Do you WANT to study, or do you NEED to study? We put demands on ourselves to have the outcome we want. Why is health and wellness so hard?? Say it with me, YOU DON’T WANT TO!!!! Let’s be honest. You’re in relatively good condition, so there is really not a need to engage in consistent exercise for your health. At some point, you have to want it and then your body begins to need it.

We SHOULD want to take care of our bodies, or we MUST take care of our bodies. It’s our engine. It keeps us going.
Your body runs on food and water. We eat and drink when we need and want food and water. You see where I’m going folks?? Create a NEED for a MUST in your life. We thrive off of our own triumphs and successes. Create successes in your life and allow those successes to propel you to your MUSTS.

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